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Would love to be a test subject. The pictures that are shown on our video clearly note that the image is a non-functioning demonstration model. Hi Diane, We are developing the working prototype and making great progress. All the plastic garbage on the planet is causing irreversible harm already.

Have one at home and one that I take on the road with me. We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively.

The Airing device will have built-in pressure sensing and will be able to adjust the micro-blower output instantaneously. How can these micro-blowers generate a directional air flow as opposed to just puffing out the air between the plates to both sides? These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, casper minibook cpu-n270-8e00 driver consumer and computing applications. How can I get free drivers without having to buy Driver Detective or some other program I don't need? The supine position is when the sleeps on their back face up.

We will enthusiastically share the results of prototype testing as soon as we have a working prototype! Companies that develop disposal products should have to be accountable for recycling their products. If the sleep apnea condition is mild then the patient can begin some conservative obstructed sleep apnea treatments.

Living with sleep apnea is a nightmare. But there is zero evidence.

Can you buy stock in the product? Our noses are our bodies natural humidifiers. Would like to be a tester. We absolutely are built to breathe through our noses. Again willing to try this new consept out for convenience and safety.

When is this machine for sale I would love to give it a try. This is somewhat missleading, but not an outright lie.

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We plan to do side-by-side comparisons as soon as we have a working prototype. It is still in development. This product could be both revolutionizing and life changing if it has a good test group that can correctly doccument the difference.


Passive humidification is possible if desired. So, if there is a Need for testers, I would be Very willing.

That is such a great idea. In addition the nose buds will come in different sizes to accommodate different sized noses. Pioneer Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of consumer- and business-use electronics products such as car electronics, audio and video products.

First of all, it is small and fits snugly under the nose. Even one per month would be better than one per day. They are already quoting the cost after insurance pays. And many people value the convenience of not having to clean the mask and hoses and maintain the equipment.

Mi micro innovations driver

My husband would be an awesome test patient. Lattice was founded in and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We will achieve innovative growth by focusing on stronger aspects of the business and being a company that is widely trusted by society. There has to be a rechargeable battery available which would work.

Which is unfortunate but it would be worth it, at least for your husband. Alpha Solutions is located in Pangyo techno-valley, Korea. My husband needs to try this desperately, his health is suffering from apnea, not to mention our marriage.

How long before this is available? In case you are interested They are Pulse Audio Vitality earbuds. You might just have to sleep in separate rooms. The company has operations in the U. Scan for free, yes, solve problem for free?

We are working hard and making very good progress. The human nose has evolved to filter the air it breathes in through a pathway with tiny hairs and to humidify this pathway with every exhalation. We offer the broadest range of end-to-end fiber optic product solutions, pioneering many of the global products and solutions commonly used in state-of-the-art cabling systems. Hi Iorink, Good question about how to calibrate Airing. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing.

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Hoseless Maskless Micro CPAP that Helps with Sleep Apnea

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Looks like a great invention I would love to try it. Not sure this will work for me. The squeal when air escapes wakes my husband.

Because I am Claustrophobic, I never went to Be prescribed the face mask. Here you can review some of the perks which for a contribution, you will receive a voucher which can be redeemed for Airing devices when they become available. The actual photo is from ShutterStock.