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All these while Ampadu did not take delight in entering into any perpetual contract with any company or individual. It was there he told Ampadu that he was forming a band and wanted Ampadu to play guitar as a member. Ofori, a driver by profession then left the group. Major Mensah hailed from Agona Bobikumah. Between and before the group toured Great Britain for the second time, more than songs had been recorded.

Nana ampadu driver

The African Brothers had the songs and were ready to record for any company or individual who was interested. As there is the root to every tree, it is inevitably important to recount the events that led to the formation of the African Brothers Band. One Agyeman was welcomed as a drummer. Unfortunately or fortunately K. In the same year, the director of the Ambassador records Manufacturing Company, Mr.

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Producers tried to entice the group with set of musical instruments and the luckiest of them all was D. John Evans Atta Mills as a fake, asking how would they live in a country with a fake leadership?

So to sum up, the following musicians were those who broke away from the African Brothers Band to form their own group or least came out with recordings. Some of these English songs were back by Mum Bii, the first female lead vocalist of the band. One of the Bandsmen, one K. All the members were teenagers at that time and so, nobody dared give them regards as to their potential abilities, because in those days only grown up men were seen and recognized as musicians. They were so popular that people formed cues to buy their records at the shops.

I act and write scripts for producers Nana Ampadu

The African Brothers, unlike their other counterparts did not suffer deaths. Ofori defended it by acknowledging that as the then President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Eddie Donkor Patrick Kwame Ampadu a. The only deal he had with the group was that, they played at the hotel every other forth night on a Saturday. He was however a grown up person in his early thirties.

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So the African Brothers Band was formed and K. The African Brothers Band has some English songs to their repertoire. The greatest national award was the one conferred on the leader P.

At concert theaters and dance halls too, the crowd was so thick that confusion broke many times to disrupt performances. Eddie Donkor and Slim Donkor. The humiliating setback was attributed to the shabby and poor arrangements the promoter carried.

Some of the tracks being remixed ones. During these years, the African Brothers topped the music charts because every track they released counted among the top hits, and even their songs competed themselves on the charts. There is the adage that one good turn deserves another.

Read the original article on Ghanaian Chronicle. All unanimously accepted this name after K. On that day, members had to walk from Asiedu Bar to Asylum Down where they reside. The statistics begins from to when the band was partly defunct and only did few recordings at a time. In the same year when the band was based in Kumasi, the G.

See What Everyone is Watching. There is the adage that one. Ampadu was therefore encouraged to take the full responsibility as the bandleader. Because the company was convinced that the Band was potentially good for recordings as their maiden recording caught on well with the public. These names do not include the pioneers.


According to information gathered, Nana Kwame Ampadu and C. This lady rose to fame between and when she had been married to the leader, Nana Kwame Ampadu. God reveals visions which unfold in to reality, and as such Nana Ampadu's vision never came to pass, so is he telling Ghanaians that God is a liar. Ampadu was chosen the leader, but because of his cute and small figure, hp mfp m725 driver K Ofori was asked to act for him temporarily.

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It was a very God sent and flexible deal indeed. The African Brothers Band formed their own drama troupe where some of the main members Music Section took part in acting.