Zevo Mid Blade Steel Wedge

Zevo Compressor Driver Golf Club

This is in good condition. Slotline Inertial E-Max irons laying around? If you can get past the cosmetics, t is plenty of life still in this one!

2001 Zevo mounts comeback

Zevo was founded in the early s by Sean Toulon, now vice president of business development for TaylorMade. Did you forget about Zevo Golf? What do you think of all the buzz surrounding Callaway's newest driver offerings? My first few swings with the Epic driver were not entirely thrilling.

At Zevo headquarters in Temecula, dell support broadcom ush driver Calif. But Zevo Golf is one of those on this list that was a pioneering. Steel feels regular shaft and Zevo grip in Very Good condition.

In good pre-owned condition. Matched them to Wilson Pro Staff low compressions and I was a happy camper. Keeping that flexion from happening helps add a couple miles per hour in ball speed, which can result in extra yardage.

Sold millions of those over the years. Shallow faces not as shallow as the of course and less offset than many of the long irons they replace.

Nabbed them just for the pure ugliness. They saw the strictures as arbitrary and found the timing of the announcement suspect. Anybody know anything about them? Rory meets deadline to keep Euro status By Nick Menta. You got a hellova deal on those Burnz.

Are weekend golfers really going to spend that much on a single club? When he would get ready to play, he would hold the club so that the sole was visible to everyone. Almost lost in all the club-related hoopla is the other Dec. When I was starting golf, I went to the shop and these were the clubs that I hit the best compared to cavity backs and bought them. We respond to emails even outside of business hours.

Protactic Golf in Chicago. Today we are going to be spotlighting the crazy, the absurd, and some of the wackiest irons the golf world has ever seen. Your charge from Mr Topes Golf includes only the cost of your item s and the cost of shipping.

2001 Zevo mounts comeback

Zevo Z-Blade Steel Wedge

While others when hitting over ponds etc. What about Pax Paul Goydos promoted them? International shipping is not available.

This underscored the idea that shaft weight can be as important as flex, something I learned I'd been overlooking. Just found and bought a set of Lil David Slingers. Man, some of my favorites on this list. The shaft contains spirals of Zylon on the outside of the shaft, which, according to Boone, minimizes ovalization of the shaft during the swing. Say what you will but I own a set of Ray Cook Titanic irons.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There is nothing crazy about the Slinger! The way things are this will be out of date in a few weeks time and another new one will be better.

So I sent it in and got the iron. He believes hell recover all the orders lost because of retailer fear over the Dec.

Zevo compressor driver golf club

Factory Blemish New product which has not passed inspection because of a minor cosmetic-only flaw. Details Product Description. What about the Porsche irons? Very Good Condition Shows general wear associated with normal use over the course of a season or more but has been well cared for.

Of course Drivers and putters are like women. Acushnets Cobra Golf has a cc driver on the way. With most drivers maxed out at. People will pay big bucks for golf clubs but never spend a dime on lessons!

Even though the regulations were only proposed, many in the industry howled in protest. What you like is what you like.

Zevo Compressor Driver 9 Degrees Graphite Regular Flex 37535G

We Hit It The Callaway Golf Epic Driver

No major nicks, dings or scratches. This putter is right handed and in good, used condition with some wear on the head. So, yes there will always be some fools willing to pay the ridiculous introductory fee, but the wise wait a year and purchase it from the clearance barrel! Refurbished Otherwise known as reconditioned. The chrome is fantastic, but the club is as stiff as an old water pipe and is accordingly harsh.

USGA Pulls Zevo and Others Back from the Brink

He re-gripped them and beats the Taylormade hand-me-downs of his friends. We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance.


USGA Pulls Zevo and Others Back from the Brink

Zevo Compressor Driver 9 Degrees Graphite Regular Flex 37535G

Known for launching the ball from a nice crisp fairway lie but it jumped the shark when it came to hitting it from any kind of fluff. It was a close race but in the end we felt like it was finally time for the super-rare and hard to find Lil David Slingers get the recognition they were due.

Any of you still have a set of these beauties laying around? Some deserve to be on the former, but definitely not the latter!